One Historian’s Existential Crisis

A month ago, I began my MA History course at the University of Southampton. Moving on from the University of¬†Birmingham was not an easy decision for me. Birmingham had taught me so much throughout the last 3 years, and I had been utterly inspired by students and teachers during my time there. However, after a … Continue reading One Historian’s Existential Crisis

Reflecting on LGBTQ History Month

Last term I took a module entitled 'Gross Indecency to Gay Marriage? Gender and Sexual Minorities 1885 to the Present'. The module focused on the experience and persecution of the LGBTQ community and it was eye-opening, frustrating and really really¬†interesting. When I told my mum about it, I remember she asked me 'But how is … Continue reading Reflecting on LGBTQ History Month

Embracing the Bias (behind the name).

When you are in school, you view History as a set of facts about the past, that have been researched by Historians and compiled into a set narrative that creates a story. The University of Birmingham has taught me that this definition of history is not only basic, but essentially obsolete. Instead, History is complicated, … Continue reading Embracing the Bias (behind the name).

My favourite version of Elizabeth I.

From the age of about seven, I knew with absolute certainty that I loved history. I was never overly excited or passionate in the classroom itself, but I was completely enthralled with learning about people in the past, their lives and deaths. My first (and lifelong) fascination was with Elizabeth I. To this day, I … Continue reading My favourite version of Elizabeth I.