My name is Molly-Anne Brooker Corcoran, I’m a 21 year old History student, currently in my third year studying History at the University of Birmingham.

I have recently been toying with the idea of journalism, and wanted to try blogging in an attempt to find my voice/style and frankly to see if I’m any good. However as the subject of history is so intrinsically engrained into my heart I don’t think I could possible do a career that wasn’t linked to the topic, and so this blog was formed.

This blog will be a mix of posts regarding what I’ve been studying, what I find interesting, what I find infuriating, and anything that I read/hear that sparks my interest. I plan to keep it relatively history-orientated but if I ever  go off into a tangent completely unrelated, my apologies.

My favourite area of history, and one I’m sure I’ll cover a lot; is Tudor History (I know, how boring, how cliche, I’m sorry). Specifically Elizabeth I, who is probably my most favourite human in the entire history of the world. I have written extensively about my love for her in this blogpost so please feel free to read away.

For now, enjoy my little corner of the internet, I hope you find something you can relate to, or even something you do not agree with. I would love to hear any feedback.