My name is Molly-Anne Brooker Corcoran, I’m a 22 year old History student, currently in my third year studying History at the University of Birmingham. I am hoping to go on to do a Masters in Journalism, and I thought this blog would be the perfect way to practice.

The name biasedhistorian comes from my belief that embracing your personal biases can help in the study of history. This is explained in more detail in a post of mine. This blog will be a mix of posts regarding what I’ve been studying, what I find interesting, what I find infuriating, and anything that I read/hear that sparks my interest. I plan to keep it relatively history-orientated but if I ever  go off into a tangent completely unrelated, my apologies.

My favourite area of history, and one I’m sure I’ll cover a lot; is Tudor History (I know, how boring, how cliche, I’m sorry). Specifically Elizabeth I, who is probably my most favourite human in the entire history of the world. I have written extensively about my love for her in this blogpost so please feel free to read away.

For now, enjoy my little corner of the internet, I hope you find something you can relate to, or even something you do not agree with. I would love to hear any feedback.