3 Historical Dramas I want to see get made

In recent years, we have been spoiled by some truly terrific female-driven historical dramas on our TV screen. As someone who is obsessed with TV and with gender history, I have devoured many of these series, and have written extensively about them in these blogposts. There is a definite turn in the way that historical … Continue reading 3 Historical Dramas I want to see get made

Public/Gender History and the rise of the new ‘Historical Woman’

Over the last 18 months, I have been investigating a (relatively new) sub-genre of Public History that I have named Public/Gender History. Public/Gender History represents avenues of Public History (museum exhibits, statues, documentaries, books, films, TV shows, podcasts etc.) that are determined to tell new and improved stories about the history of gender, and more … Continue reading Public/Gender History and the rise of the new ‘Historical Woman’

IWD 2021: Looking inwards and onwards

Happy International Women's day everyone!!! Every year I try to write a blogpost to commemorate my favourite day, and 2021 is no different. There are big changes coming for me at the end of this month, some set in stone, and some still undecided, but they have got me thinking about what I want my … Continue reading IWD 2021: Looking inwards and onwards

My Top 5 Female Driven History Dramas

I am unsurprisingly a massive fan of Historical dramas, whether it is based on fictional characters and events (such as the highly anticipated new Netflix show being released on Christmas Day - Bridgeton) or on real life people from history (think the Tudors or Reign). I am also (unsurprisingly again) a massive feminist, and I … Continue reading My Top 5 Female Driven History Dramas

Saying Goodbye to Southampton

I wanted to create a short blogpost to commemorate the end of my Masters course. The course technically finished a few weeks ago, when I submitted my MA Dissertation, entitled: Uncovering Herstory; Gender and Public History's engagement with Fourth Wave Feminism. Though this year of study has been slightly tainted by the global pandemic and … Continue reading Saying Goodbye to Southampton

The First Feminists (Early Modern Empowerment)

Sometimes when I'm browsing in Waterstones, Foyles, or other similar shops, I come across books entitled 'Famous Feminists of History', or 'A Complete Guide to Feminism's History' or even '10 Women in History'. I am unfortunately always disappointed to learn that these books only ever go back as far as the 19th and 20th centuries. … Continue reading The First Feminists (Early Modern Empowerment)

Justice for Katherine Howard (International Women’s Day 2020)

Happy International Women's Day everyone! As more and more people begin to celebrate IWD in small, different ways, it is starting to become one of my favourite days of the year. My social media is filled with declarations of love for womankind. For an entire day, I get to scroll through artwork, poetry, articles and … Continue reading Justice for Katherine Howard (International Women’s Day 2020)